Announcing Conduit’s $37M Series A led by Paradigm and Haun Ventures

We’re excited to share that Conduit has raised a $37M Series A led by Paradigm and Haun Ventures.

Announcing Conduit’s $37M Series A led by Paradigm and Haun Ventures

We’re excited to share that Conduit has raised a $37M Series A led by Paradigm and Haun Ventures. This investment round represents a milestone for our company, as well as the deepening of our relationship with Paradigm and the beginning of a new one with the team at Haun Ventures. As part of this round, Haun's Chris Ahn will join Conduit's board of directors, alongside Georgios Konstantopoulos from Paradigm. We couldn’t ask for better partners as we bring onchain compute to the masses.

Most importantly, our Series A will help us continue scaling Ethereum by making it as easy as possible to deploy, scale, and build on your own customizable and reliable rollup.

A Rollup-Native Cloud Platform

Building scalable onchain apps on Ethereum and other general-purpose chains can be hard — gas fees are too high, gas limits too low, and congestion from the latest mint or airdrop can make your app unusable. Rollups fix this, but they used to be difficult to deploy, operate and maintain. Production-grade rollups took dedicated teams, millions of dollars, and thousands of engineering hours. That was before Conduit.

On Conduit, you can deploy your own rollup in minutes. Pick from leading frameworks like the OP Stack and Arbitrum Orbit, and customize your rollup stack with the latest modular blockchain solutions. Deployment is just the beginning, we work closely with our rollup teams and the teams building the underlying technologies to ensure that Conduit chains get the latest upgrades and early access to new features.

Today, Conduit rollups secure over $1.2 billion in total value locked (TVL), process 20% of transactions on Ethereum, and scale gas usage 15x higher than Ethereum L1’s capacity. We’re grateful to work with some of the most innovative teams in crypto, including Aevo, Zora, Mode,, and more. This year, Conduit led the push beyond standard rollup architectures, working alongside partners like Degen and Proof of Play to build affordable, high-throughput L3s.

High-performance rollups aren’t just about helping builders run their existing projects more efficiently, though that is a key benefit. By making onchain compute abundant and cheap, these new scaling solutions make never-before-seen business models possible. Consider a blockchain gaming network like Proof of Play, which is currently doing more computational work per second than any other rollup in order to provide players with a fun, seamless experience  — that wouldn’t be possible if Proof of Play weren’t deployed as an L3 on Arbitrum. Conduit’s scaling infrastructure, along with our self-serve model that enables fast and frictionless deployment, is helping a new generation of onchain solutions flourish, similar to what AWS did more than a decade ago in Web 2.

We’re facilitating similar innovations not just in gaming, but in all areas of the onchain economy:

  • DEXs like Aevo and Lyra use Conduit to provide decentralized trading experiences with the speed of centralized orderbooks, pushing billions in trading volume
  • Consumer apps like use Conduit to bring Web 2 social experiences to crypto
  • DeFi ecosystems like Mode use Conduit to facilitate the high enough throughput for dApps to seamlessly handle congestion-heavy events like airdrops
  • Settlement layers like Orderly Network use Conduit to pioneer new onchain clearinghouse models that require massive data throughput
  • NFT ecosystems like Zora use Conduit to make minting an NFT as cheap and easy as possible, giving creators new ways to monetize their work

No matter what you’re building onchain, Conduit’s rollup-native cloud platform enables you to solve your biggest infrastructure and scaling challenges, so that you can focus on building your place in crypto.

Calling Onchain Builders

Conduit can help you go from idea to mainnet in just a few clicks.

But we’re not stopping at rollup deployment. We’re an all-in-one infrastructure platform for the next generation of teams building onchain. Soon, our users will have direct access to key integrations like bridges, oracles, indexing, onboarding tools, and more directly from the Conduit platform. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

If all of this is interesting to you, we’re hiring! Conduit is looking for engineers, distributed systems experts, designers, and GTM professionals to join us in supporting the next thousand chains.

NFT Mint

You can commemorate this milestone with us by minting Abundant Onchain Compute on Zora.


Special thanks to our new investors, including funds like Bankless Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Credibly Neutral, and Robot Ventures. We’re humbled to have incredible angels join our team including Hayden Adams, Tim Beiko, Uma Roy, Yi Sun, Tyson Battistella, Cygaar, Amitt Mahajan, Julian Koh, 0xRacer, Shrimpepe, Zaki, James Ross, Scott Sunarto, Michael Spain, Andrej Bencic, Bogdan Habic, Nebojsa Urosevic, Furqan Rydahn, Howard Xu, Liam Horne, Andreas Bigger, Ben Clabby, Henri Stern, Sreeram Kannan, Alvin Hsia, Emily Hsia, Hasu, Calvin Liu, Zane Nguyen, Charlie Feng, Jacob Arluck, Mustafa Al-Bassam, Peter Watts, and Nick White.